About Us

AET Flood Defence Limited specialises in Mobile flood Control for storm water management. Our range of flood protection products is applicable to Local Government, commerce and householders.
Over the last few years we have facilitated briefs for Mutual Aid and Mobile Flood Defence, working closely with clients to provide bespoke solutions. Having been in the industry many years we feel that part of our role is to share reports on some of the ‘Models’ that we have created for ‘Mobile’ Flood Defence, hopefully stimulating food for thought. We endeavour to share experiences so that we might bring together solutions to try to achieve the goals of the individual client.
Where there are storage, labour and transport issues and speed of deployment is paramount our products are tried and tested by government, industry and householders.

Founder and Managing Director  Fran Corrie

Fran is passionate and enthusiastic about her business, which supplies state-of-the-art, effective flood defence products. Fran was instrumental is developing the aqua-sac® product and holds the UK patent for this ground-breaking sandbag which requires no sand. Mother-of-two Fran prides herself on her track record for developing strong customer relationships built on trust. She said: “It’s important to build secure customer relationships and many of our customers have gone on to become lasting friends.” Ambitious and motivational, Fran formed her current business in 2011. She is currently striving to influence strategies for rapid deployment of flood defence around the world.
The company provides mobile flood units for storm water management which bring together a range of AET flood defence products including the aqua-sac® and the Alteau Flood Barrier. Fran said: “I aim to be instrumental in changing the current procedures and mindset around flood defence measures in the UK. We can provide flood defence that is fast and effective and doesn’t cost the earth.”

Photo of Fran dressed up ready for action

This video is an introduction to Flood Defence. It provides a brief overview of the size of the flood issues in the UK to day and speculates on how this problem will grow in the future. For those in a potential flood area it is not a question of “if but when” they will be flooded; stressing the importance of being prepared. It shows what can happen if industry and household are not prepared, and the cost associated with dealing with the aftermath of a flood.