Alteau Mobile Flood Barrier

The Alteau Mobile Barrier: is the culmination of more than two years testing and development, the flood barrier is the third evolution of a flood defence principle that has been in use for several years. Alteau Barrier is manufactured from 610g and 450g polyethylene fabric. By using the force of the water the Alteau Barrier rises automatically up to a maximum height of 1 meter and lengths of several hundred metres. Particularly designed for and used by rapid response emergency services it is a portable, self-inflating, reusable water barrier and as such it does not need any external power source or pre inflation. It can be installed in minutes by two people and can be easily packed and reused for a different application by hosing down and rolling up.

The portable barrier can be transported by small vehicles to the intended site, then man handled in a two man lift. Available in many different length and height combinations to protect against water heights of up to 1000mm. Multiple sections can be quickly joined using the Velcro fastening system. The barrier can be joined to a corner element to provide a 90 degree turn, thus providing greater flexibility to surround buildings.

Alteau mobile flood barrier is used for flood control, creating water reservoirs, damming streams and chemical spill containment.

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