Our market leading self-inflating sandbag which has our UK Patented center stitch, which is essential to make the bags fit for purpose. Aqua-Sac® is a proven alternative to traditional sand bags for flood defence. Comprising of a heavy duty Jute sack and a cotton liner with our Patented center stitch. Containing a Super-Absorbent Polymer the Aqua-Sac® is simply submerged in water. After five minutes 13 litres of water will have been absorbed creating an inflated “sandbag”.


Inflated Aqua-Sac® S.O.S. Bags are 54cm long and 10cm high. Each Aqua-Sac® is of a consistent size enabling a barrier to protect against flooding or diverting water to be built easily.


At 13kg an Aqua-Sac® is significantly lighter than traditional sandbags and so reducing manual handling risks.

Un-inflated weight

At 440g Aqua-Sac® can be transported in higher volume to where they are required in an emergency in smaller, more efficient vehicles.


Aqua-Sac® are compact, 1000 can be stored on one standard pallet saving valuable storage space compared to only 25 traditional sandbags.

Shelf Life

Aqua-Sac® are contained in sealed packs giving a shelf life in excess of five years and so reducing waste.

Environmental Impact

The Jute sack and cotton liner are biodegradable. The super absorbent polymer is benign with no toxic effects. Aqua-Sac® can be disposed of safely in landfill or by incineration. Alternatively, the super absorbent polymer may be added directly to soil as a hydrating medium.


Aqua-Sac® will begin to dry out over the course of six to eight weeks. At any point they can be re-inflated providing that they have not been contaminated.


5 aqua-sac s.o.s bags £35.50

10 aqua-sac s.o.s bags £57.00

25 aqua-sac s.o.s bags £137.50

50 aqua-sac s.o.s bags £265.00


All prices include carriage and vat

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How to use Aqua-Sac®

Aqua-Sac® video from Cumbria floods Dec 2015