Flood Box

The U 5 K (S) is a very powerful and versatile submersible pump for both permanent and portable use. Thanks to the removable sieve basket, it is possible to increase the throughput diameter from 10 mm to 20 mm. This basement wastewater pump also has an integrated flushing device to reduce the accumulation of deposits and a shallow, built-in suction system for the disposal of floodwater.

Powerful and durable the Floodbox tackles the problem and helps people affected by floodwater to react quickly and efficiently.

Simply put the carrying cage with the pump on the ground and pump the water from the building using the 12.5m long fire hose.

The heart of this emergency kit is the powerful multi functional submersible pump. Taken out of the carrying cage it can be used stationary or as a portable tool for a range of dewatering situations.

U 5 KS
High performance motor (H max 8m, Q max 11.5m3/h)
Reliable pumping due to a large free solids passage of 20mm
A motor cooling jacket and a thermal motor protection enable continuous operation when the pump is not submerged
A float switch fixation for pumping down to a minimum of residual water

Quick and easy attachment by ‘C’ coupling
Sturdy, durable material
Space saving storage when rolled up
Prolongable with the standard ‘C’ coupling

Pump fixation stabilises the pump when it used within the cage
Protection against silting
Wall mounting for storing the Floodbox