Aqua-Sac® have been helping the Zeeuws Museum in the Netherlands

photo of flooding at zeeuws museum in Middelburg

Aqua-Sac® have been helping the Zeeuws Museum in the Netherlands
Zeeuws Museum (abbey) faced serious rain water flood at the 5th of MayDue to heavy rainfall the Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg, in the South West of The Netherlands, faced an serious flood in the museum entrance and the museum café. The museum ordered in August 2014 several Aqua-Sac® S.O.S Bags from the Benelux distributor Vloed Defensie Nederland. (
The depot manager recently ordered new Aqua-Sac® to keep his emergency storage up to date.
Some quotes:
“The first use of the Sacs has been our good practice experience. We now know the real capabilities and the ease of working with it.
Unfortunately, the cloudburst came so suddenly and quickly that the present attendants were totally overwhelmed and the water was already in before some good action could be taken.
This has given us good some insights how to deal with this in the future…”Next time the flood attendants and the firemen are aware how to use the Aqua-Sacs more efficient – and not as on this photo.

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