Flood Resilience Community project

AET Flood Defence is proud to support an exciting new flood resilience project for Cumbria. It is funded principally by private businesses, together with support from both the NW Regional Flood & Coastal Committee and the Environment Agency. The project’s aim is to make three properties done to reduce the devastation that flooding can cause – an issue close to the hearts of many in this region. Carlisle City Council is helping identify candidate properties through their work with the community after the floods.

An extremely worthwhile cause, these ‘showcase’ properties will enable other homeowners and businesses to see just what can be done to reduce the impact of flooding.

This Community Innovation project will help build a greater understanding of the existing flood resilient measures available on the market in the UK and encourage innovation in the flood resilience sector. I will raise awareness of proven flood resilience measures and enable householders and business owners to take action and make their premises more resilient. The overall aim is to reduce the devastation that flooding can cause; an issue close to the hearts of many in the Cumbrian region.


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